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Shops in Kilrush

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If you value personal customer care and advice, value and a great range of products then you will find all this and more in West Clare.

As the capital of the region, Kilrush has a long history of catering to the population of the region, dating from the days when few people travelled further afield for their shopping needs and the town was an important market and trading centre with its own port and railway station.

This legacy has meant that while shops have had to adapt and stay competitive when confronted with the threat of online shopping and discount pricing by multiples, they have combined their old-world charm, diversity and appeal with a wide array of products. Whether it is food, clothes and fashion items or hardware, soft furnishings, electrical items or interior décor there is surprising value and often an unexpected range and selection to be had in Kilrush which combines third and fourth generation businesses with new start-up speciality outlets.

If you miss the simple pleasure of browsing from shop to shop as part of the pleasure of walking around a well-planned, well laid out town, then a stroll around the town is for you. And if you value personal service as a currency that has become only too rare, then visit the town’s shops for advice on a wide range of potential purchases and, if needs be, you can be sure of strong after-sales support.

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